M1 Project


Our customer approached us with a job description as follows:

  1. M1 Taxi based on Ford Transit L2H2
  2. 6 Comfortable M1 Seats
  3. Lightweight floor with 6 rails
  4. Easy adaptable for 1 wheelchair
  5. Easy adaptable for two wheelchairs and 2 seated passengers
  6. Space for mounting wheelchair lift


We initiated the following actions:

  1. Check approvals for Ford Transit L2H2
  2. Identify the suitable seat
  3. Product 2D and 3D drawings to visualise our suggestions, weight and dimensions.
  4. Make a quote with the suggested installation time
  5. Approval from customer
  6. Average project time from start to delivery – 21 days

Patient Transport


Our customer approached us with a job description as follows:


We initiated the following actions:

Customer Reviews

Released fall 2022

John Doe

Managing Director, Ford

Released fall 2022

Ashley Wheeler

Customer Service, Jutland Vikings

Released fall 2022

Rodney Stranger

Sales representative, Bacchus Inc.

Released fall 2022

Jules Gilbert

Head of Sales, Canada, Mercedez-Benz

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