One rail that meets all your needs. Can be used from 1000mm lengths for one seat – or as a component in the X-Rail. All X-Rail products are tested according to ECE R14.07 in all Light Commercial Vehicles, and we have also tested numerous seats and legs.

Example Use Cases

  1. The X-RAIL can be used in lengths from 1000mm. So, for example, if you need to have a few seats- that could be in a cabin crew van or minibus with only a few seats.
  2. For complete floor conversion along with X-EasyPlate. You will receive full 2D and 3D drawings of the proposed flooring solution, and the installation is a 1-hour job in a few steps
    1. Place the prepared X-EasyPlate (weight only approx. 20kg) which already has vinyl glued on (we only use HD vinyl which is glued and vacuum pressed), on the vehicle floor.
    2. Mark the pre-cut holes where the X-RAIL will be bonded with our non-toxic adhesives.
    3. Lift the X-EasyPlate and support it at a 45-degree angle.
    4. Grind the vehicle floor surface and the bottom of the X-RAIL.
    5. Apply activator
    6. Lay the rails and place an even load
    7. Apply adhesive
    8. Lay the rails and place an even load
    9. When the glue has hardened secure with a bolts and AM-X WZP-01 U Profiles.


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