The complete VERIS M1 range has been tested on AUTOMOBILITY-X products: X-RAIL and X-FLOOR in all vehicle models and can be offered an extensive range of seat legs.

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Luxury for less. Veris M1 is a desirable range of luxury bus seats, which can be sewn to meet your every need. The seat has a high supportive backrest and ensures travel in comfort. The upper point of the 3P belt is positioned so high up that even tall passengers will find it suitable.

The following versions are available:

  • VERIS M1 with rigid backrest.  Rigid (X-SEAT-R)
  • VERIS M1 with a reclining backrest. Recliner (X-SEAT-RE)
  • VERIS M1 with 90-degree foldable backrest. Foldable (X-SEAT-F)
  • VERIS M1 with flip-up cushion. (X-SEAT-T)
  • VERIS M1 with flip-up cushion and swivel base. (X-SEAT-TAF)

All Veris seats have the following equipment:

  • 1 Armrest
  • Reclining backrest
  • Net/Table/2x handles

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