Lifestyle EasyFloor

To offer a “foolproof” installation, most of the Lifestyle Camper Van products are tested on the Lifestyle X-FLOOR.

The Lifestyle X-FLOOR can be adapted 100% to the shape you want. Pods that are made for your other items and appliances. Should you want to fix other items to our flexible rails, then slide in V-Bolts can be added.

See the description below to learn about the construction of the Lifestyle EasyFloor




The Lifestyle EasyFloor is a lightweight sandwich construction of the following components:

  1. A sheet aluminium plate bonded to the vehicle floor with non-toxic adhesives. The sheet aluminium plate is also where the rails are connected and riveted.
  2. A 23mm sound and temperature isolating XPS foam core ensure more comfortable driving (less noise) and steady temperature.
  3. A 4mm plywood plate on top.
  4. HD Vinyl or carpet to finish off the job.


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